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On this page we’ll paste instructive charts about various markets from various sources (including ourselves).

When we can’t copy the chart, we’ll provide a link. And we’ll provide the source and/or links to charts we have pasted here. We’ll also link to interesting articles associated with the charts.

There’s no particular order to this. By all means copy these charts as you wish and we hope you find the page is useful.


We like this chart as we do any long term series that puts things in perspective. Great article too.

What’s Really Behind the Gold Collapse?“, Cullen Roche, Business Insider, December 2011

Crude Oil

Source: – Light crude (nymex) – 22nd Dec 2011


Source: – CBOT Futures, December 22nd 2011


Source: – Hard Red Spring, 22nd Dec 2011


Source: – 22nd Dec 2011