FoodWorks Co. Ltd is a Hong Kong-registered, British-owned consulting company specializing in the development of agriculture and agribusiness projects in frontier countries.

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Since 2004 the company has assisted in the design and construction of a food factory in China, advised on policy reform in the wheat industry (with UBI Consulting Ltd and ANZDEC of New Zealand) in Uzbekistan, helped with the agricultural reconstruction of Iraq (with Experience International), worked with the Competitiveness Support Fund (Ministry of Finance) in Pakistan and from 2009 to 2011 provided expert assistance in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Africa and Indonesia to USAID via a major US-based NGO.

FoodWorks is part of the Project Partners consortium that brings a wide range of expert services to the developing world.

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24th Floor,
Hang Wei Commercial Building
Queens Road East,
Wanchai. Hong Kong SAR